SIFOR – Primosale Pecorino Fantasia Mignon – Approx 1kg

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Primo Sale Sicilian Pecorino Bianco is an Italian sheep’s milk cheese produced on the island of Sicily. It is a rindless cheese that is semi-hard in texture and has a crumbly, flaky interior. Due to its sharp and salty flavor, pecorino cheese is one of most widely used alternatives to Parmesan. Pecorino is an excellent grating cheese for pasta dishes, breads, and casseroles, or can be eaten in wedges with crackers and cured charcuterie meats. Use pecorino as a key ingredient in pesto sauces!

Primo sale Pecorino is a cheese made with first choice whole sheep’s milk, of Cylindrical shape and white in colour. The crust is wrinkled, the paste is compact, with little holes. Primo Sale “first salt” reflects the effects of reduced aging. Fairly rindless wheel of lightly sheep & delicate flavour paired with a soft, creamy texture and a fresh, delicate scent. Fresh red chillies is evenly distributed throughout the wheel.

Characteristics: Italian sheep’s milk cheese infused with chilly, rocket, olives, walnuts and pistachio.

Tips: Great on a cheese board

Weight 1 kg


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