SIFOR – Primosale Pecorino Green Mignon (Pistachio) – Approx. 1kg

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Pasteurized sheep’s milk, black pepper, salt, rennet, lactic acid.
Contains milk. May contain pistachio and walnuts.

Pecorino Mignon Siciliano Fantasia produced with pasteurized sheep’s milk, 24 hours in brine, then dried for about 7 days.

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Primo sale Pecorino is a cheese made with first choice whole sheep’s milk, of Cylindrical shape and white in colour. The crust is wrinkled, the paste is compact, with little holes. Primo Sale “first salt” reflects the effects of reduced aging. Fairly rindless wheel of lightly sheep & delicate flavour paired with a soft, creamy texture and a fresh, delicate scent. Fresh red chillies is evenly distributed throughout the wheel.

Characteristics: Italian sheep’s milk cheese infused with Pistachio

Tips: Great on a cheese board

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Weight 1 kg


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