Every attempt will be made to deliver your order within 48 hours.
If we are unable to meet this deadline we will notify you and confirm delivery as accurately as we possible can.
Should we attempt to deliver and there is no-one to accept the delivery we will bring the item(s)
back to our warehouse and leave a delivery note.

Once a delivery has been signed for it is no longer the responsibility of Prestige Food and Wine Ltd.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated by *weight.
To ship a small package up to 2kg costs £3.50. Packages up to 5kg cost £5.00.
Packages up to 20kg cost £9.00. Packages up to 25kg cost £11.00.
Packages up to 30kg cost £18.00.
Above 40kg £50.

Delivery time for small packages (up to 2kg), is 2-5 days. All other deliveries up to 48 hours.

*Product weight is the ‘actual product’ weight; ie, including packaging.

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