CARMIANO – Linguine IGP – 500 g

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CARMIANO  Linguine IGP 500 g

A format originating in Liguria, also known as crushed spaghetti due to its rectangular section, the term linguine indicates “small tongues“.

Precisely because of their origin they are ideal served with Genoese pesto, but are suitable for any condiment, from fish sauces to more full-bodied meat sauces.

Pasta di Gragnano is made using durum wheat of the highest quality, which has a high protein content. To be certified ‘Pasta di Gragnano‘, it has to contain at least 13% protein, whereas regular pasta normally has 11.5%. The dough must be extruded through rough bronze forms and, once it has taken shape, dried with a slow process (up to 60 hours).

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